What is Textile Duniya?

Textile Duniya is the first ever B2B cum social media portal for Textile Industry

Who can be a part of Textile Duniya?

  • Mills
  • Mills Agents
  • Weavers
  • Weaver Agents
  • Embroidery House
  • Embroidery House Agents
  • Lace Manufacturers
  • Suppliers/Traders/Manufacturers
  • Agent/Aadtiya
  • Courier Services
  • Transporters
  • Wholesalers/Retailers/Customers

We also plan to include Yarn Manufacturers soon to our community

Why should I join this community/portal?

-In this digital age, everyone is looking for their share of presence in online world, but somewhere get lost amongst billions of websites and are unable to reach their customers. The pain of maintaining one's website, getting it on top in search engine optimisation, maintaining the servers etc. Is too much to handle along with carrying out your business. Leave all this hassles to us, we are offering you a product which is specifically designed to cater the needs of textile industry and keep them connected in an organized manner.

What are the features of Textile Duniya?

Advanced Search

As you would expect from a B2B portal we do have search capabilities, an advanced one too for example you are looking for saree which is chiffon based, with floral print, Kantha Work, Heavy Border, Catalogue packing in range of 300/- to 310/-, we will tell you where you can find it. Gone are the days of Keyword Search, welcome to the world of Advanced Search in B2B Portal.


Maintain and showcase your products to world on few taps on your mobile screen or a few clicks on your desktop/laptop. Along with the product photos we are also giving you options to define the attributes of your garment/product so that the customers who are looking for the type of product you are selling can reach you very easily with our Advanced Search Options.

Business Connects

Now that you have found your vendors from whom you want to buy or the sellers whom you want to sell your product, you can establish a connection with both the parties with the Business Connect Feature.

News Feed

Now that you have established connection with your vendors and customers, you can sit back, relax and be updated with News Feed. Now you can be updated with what your vendors are making on your news feed or keep your customers updated by showcasing your portfolio on their news feed

Privacy Policy

Worrying of your designs getting copied by your competitors? Then stop worrying. We give you option to whether to showcase price and photos of your products to everyone or only to your business connects. So that you can execute your business the way you want.