About Us

Textile Industry, one of the largest industry of the world, still remains one of the most unorganized sector in spite of the technology available around us. We at Textile Duniya, took up this challenge to organize this sector and connect all the different businesses of the Textile Industry, not the end customer, but everyone that makes a textile product available to the end consumer.

We at Textile Duniya thought of creating something unique to deliver our customers what they have never experienced before. We have thus created for the first time in industry a B2B portal specifically design for the textile industry with social media capabilities.

The Textile Industry is an ever changing world, where every day we see change in fashion, materials, design etc., and that's when we decided to build a whole ecosystem where not only our users can search what they need but also be connected to their vendors and clients either to be updated of what is happening around or showcase their products on a daily basis.